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Business Solutions for Managing Complex Distribution Issues...

The eMIS Distribution Pack is a comprehensive and fully integrated, yet modular, suite of business solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s marketplace dynamics. The system is designed to strengthen your Supply Chain Management capabilities across global markets. 

The strategic goal of Supply Chain Management is to deliver the highest service levels and shortest response times at the lowest cost. Logistics is a critical area for many companies who view strengthening all the links in their supply chain as the means to dramatically improving their competitive position. 

eMIS Distribution modules are totally integrated and built with the latest in relational database software technologies from Oracle Corporation. This combination provides users with the decision support tools necessary for effectively managing your company’s supply chain. 

Providing timely service with minimal inventory investment is one of the keys to being competitive in today’s business environment. Quick response is a modern day concept aimed at promoting this competitiveness. Moving products rapidly through the warehouse is essential in today’s quick response environment. Technologies such as bar-coding, paperless picking, and other material handling techniques can help you move products more efficiently. eMIS provides on-line control of all phases of warehouse activity - from receiving to put-away and from picking to shipping. 

The eMIS Distribution System consists of full-featured Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Control and tight integration with the eMIS Financial System. 

Sales Order Processing - streamlines the order entry and order management functions. Through more accurate and timely information, the result is improved customer service. Handles shipping from multiple warehouses or inventory locations. User-defined order types and multiple pricing options give you the flexibility to enter and process orders for items and services based on a customer’s unique requirements. 

Purchase Order Processing - offers a comprehensive view of corporate, financial, and management information to enhance the timeliness and accuracy of your company’s purchasing decisions. Strengthens vendor negotiations by maintaining comprehensive vendor statistics, which is just what your buyers need to help them analyze and manage their vendors. Handles blanket orders, which are controlled by expiration date and maximum quantity. 

Inventory Control - is a comprehensive system that optimizes your investment in finished goods inventory while it improves customer service. Provides inventory status by multiple warehouses and locations with tracking capability for serial/lot/bin control.

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