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eMIS Financials

In today’s dynamic, globally influenced business environment, performance determines success. The world’s best companies have recognized that adaptability - the speed with which they react to change and seize opportunities - is a key component to success. ESI Technologies’ philosophy has been to provide financial application software that takes advantage of emerging technologies, enabling companies to be competitive through intelligent information management.

How information is managed is crucial to business performance. Information must be consistent and readily available whether a corporation manages data at one site, many sites or at different sites around the world. Features such as multi-business units and multi-currency provide functionality for diverse needs and situations. eMIS uses Oracle’s leading relational database technology which allows for quick, efficient information gathering and effective access through inquiries, drill down and reports. Full integration means widespread efficient use of corporate information.

The eMIS Financial System consists of full-featured General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Tight integration is provided with the eMIS Distribution and Manufacturing Systems.

General Ledger - is a dynamic, user-controlled system that allows you to collect, query, and report financial information based on your firm’s unique requirements. A flexible structure allows easy entry and reporting at multiple levels within a business unit. 

Accounts Payable - is a full-featured accounting system that provides greater control over your payables and cash management functions. Improves cash management by maximizing vendor discounts and eliminating duplicate payments. Increases productivity with fast and accurate invoice entry.

Accounts Receivable - is a feature-rich accounts receivable and collection management system that provides you with efficient tools to maximize your company’s cash flow. With only one screen, you can enter receivable and non-receivable cash collection information. Cash application processing allows you to apply cash to multiple invoices, or by having the system automatically apply cash by the oldest invoice.

Flexible, Integrated Cross-Industry Financial Applications...