The eMIS Manufacturing Pack is a comprehensive, fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system. It is designed specifically to be flexible, easy to use and quick to implement. eMIS is bill of material-driven and has been created and designed with the intention of adhering to the philosophies and guidelines established by the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS).

The key to an intelligent manufacturing system is planning - establishing a valid production schedule, routing the work, anticipating resource requirements, purchasing inventory, and setting plant direction. eMIS organizes this critical information to help you develop and execute these plans, thus providing you with the necessary tools to control costs and improve performance.

Multiple manufacturing environments are easily accommodated by eMIS such as make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, repetitive and flow. A costing system with our methods of costing allows for improving profitability by controlling costs related to a particular work order or project.

Engineering tools include a rule-based product configurator that allows an engineer to define the valid options and features that govern the configuration of a product. Multiple BOM types allows for tracking of parts in different stages of prototype engineering and production. BOM and Routing by location allows for the different BOM or Routing for the same part. Alternate BOM and Routing allows for the same BOM or Routing for multiple parts. 

Planning - Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functionality helps pinpoint what materials will be needed based upon stated demand. Bucketless planning allows for full pegging to true delivery dates saving time in rescheduling by quickly identifying the priority of demand. 

Scheduling - The Master Production Schedule specifically outlines the sales and forecasted demands for models while taking into consideration customer orders, warehouse demands and finished goods requirements. The ATP - Available to Promise logic allows for accurate quotes to customers on new orders.

Shop Floor Control - Detailed actual transactions, such as employees, labor, materials, machine time and overhead are recorded. Alternatively, back-flushing of both material and labor is also allowed at any point in production. Processing of these transactions gives management visibility of work order status and department/work center status allowing them to better control the shop floor. 

The eMIS Manufacturing System consists of full-featured Planning, Scheduling, Shop Floor Control and tight integration with the eMIS Distribution and Financial Systems.​

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